People see this error from time to time during driver installation and I’ve seen it myself and wondered about it. Error 2 is reported by the 7zip extractor when it fails to extract a file from a compressed archive. Unfortunately it doesn’t give any clue as to why it failed.

There’s a couple of things you can look into:

The archive in question is corrupt. If other archives extract ok then you should delete the archive and redownload it via the updates. You can test the archive by installing 7zip and running the “Test Archive” tool.

Insufficient disk space. If you’re working from a thumb drive there may be insufficient space to do the extraction. You’ll need to create space on the drive or use a bigger drive.

By the way, I don’t recommend doing updates on a thumb drive for the same reason. A better practice is to keep a master copy of SDIO on a large drive which you update regularly then copy this to a thumb drive.

Finally, the media may go offline during extraction. SDI will retry several times and eventually give up.

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