Are you struggling with SDIO and mapped network drives?

If you are trying to configure SDIO like this:


and the result is this:

ERROR in mkdir_r(): failed _wmkdir(J:\Drivers,2)

The problem is this:

Mapped drives in Vista and Win 7 and up are not valid across privilege elevation boundaries. To understand this, do the following:

Open two command prompt windows. Open the first by left clicking Command Prompt in the Windows start menu. Open the second by right clicking Command Prompt and selecting Run As Administrator.

In the first command prompt, type “net use J: \\server\path” with a valid path to a network share. Check it by typing “net use” to see the list of mapped drives.

In the second command prompt, type “net use” to see the mapped drives. You’ll see either the mapped drives as “Unavailable” or you won’t see the mapped drives at all.

The two command prompts have different privilege elevation levels and so can’t see each other’s mapped drives. The same would be true if you reversed the situation.

The solution is to map your network drives using the same privilege elevation as that in which you run SDIO. If you run SDIO as Administrator, the network shares should be mapped as Administrator also.

SDIO currently doesn’t handle UNC paths. I’ve logged this as a bug and it will be fixed soon. When this is done, the whole mapped network drive issue goes away.

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