26 October 2020
* Driver Packs 20.10.3
* Fixed bug in script mode when there are spaces in the paths.
* Added functions to better test for write/read-only conditions both locally
and when running over a network share using UNC paths. SDIO now better
operates in a read-only environment.
* I’ve added a discussion to the Reference Manual on how to run SDIO over a
network share.
* Added a test in the install procedure to check availability of the next
driver pack before attempting to open it. If the driver pack is not
available, SDIO will pause for 5 seconds and try again. It will do this up
to 20 times before failing. This helps overcome the problem of devices being
temporarily unavailable due to a previous driver install.
* Translations.
* Tools updated as follows:
msys2 v20200903
gcc v7.1.0
boost v1.63.0
webp v0.5.2
libtorrent v1.0.8
7-zip v16.02

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