The new release, version, is out today.
The forking process continues and I’ve taken on board the various comments about distinguishing Origin from the old product. To this end I’ve updated the web site, the Patreon page and the application itself with some shiny new graphics. I’ll continue with this over the next little while.
But most importantly, the file names of the executables and the update url have changed. I’ve been putting this off but it’s time to do it.
Because of this change, updating using the internal updater of previous versions won’t work. You should download the latest version of the application from . This new version of the application will update correctly with the new update url. Simply plugging in the new url into the older version won’t work as it won’t find the changed file names. Once we get over this little hurdle we’ll be back to normal.
This release also includes the requested “getdevicelist” command line option.
Remember, don’t accept Snappy Driver Installer Origin from anywhere but the genuine source at

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