In the normal course of events you don’t need to worry too much about updating the driver packs. The SDIO internal updater handles that for you. When you start up SDIO it will check to see if there is a new version of SDIO available and, if so, will prompt you to start the updates.

However you might have a need to update the driver packs between releases of SDIO. Here’s how to do it.
Get the latest driver pack torrent from .
In uTorrent or whatever your favourite torrent client is, select Add Torrent From File. When the dialog opens select the torrent you’ve just downloaded, set the “Save In” path to the location of your driver packs, switch off “Start torrent” and click OK.

Select the new torrent in the list and right click, “Force Recheck”. This will compare your existing files against the files listed in the torrent and mark identical files as complete and new or different files as needing to be downloaded. This way you will only be downloading the new and different files.
When the Recheck is complete you can start the torrent.

When the torrent is finished, run the del_old_driverpacks.bat to clear out the old files.

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