We get reports that after installing USB 3.0 drivers, either the USB 3.0 ports don’t work at all or operate as USB 2 ports. This is because all of the USB 3.0 drivers need to be installed at the same time. When you download and install the drivers from Intel, the installer ensures all drivers are installed and they are all the same version and it also installs or updates the PCI bus driver.
SDI doesn’t have this logic. If you choose to install just one driver from the set, the USB 3.0 ports may cease to function as USB 3.0.

It’s important that if you wish to install or update USB 3.0 drivers, you do the whole set together including the PCI bus driver.

There’s a discussion of it here: http://superuser.com/questions/1114364/what-does-the-intel-usb-3-0-driver-installer-do-differently-from-a-manual-instal/1115129#1115129

Essentially, the 3 drivers, iusb3hub, iusb3xhc, iusb3hcs should always be installed together and PCI bus (iusb3hcs) must be same version as iusb3hub and iusb3xhc.

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